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New Site

We admit it…we’re not the best bloggers…but 9 months since our last posting is is bad even for us!  We’re posting today to highlight a few additions and changes we just made to our public site (

#1 – When you visit you’ll see three boxes linking to each of the three parts of our company — our public Epernicus Network, our Epernicus Solutions business, and Epernicus Clinical Research Systems.  (If you want to go directly to the “old” login page for Epernicus Network go to

#2 – For the first time we’ve put some publicly accessible information up about our Clinical Research Systems business and product (

#3 – We posted a case study with one of our Epernicus Clinical Research Systems customers:


Top institutions on Epernicus

People have asked us what institutions are most represented on Epernicus. Here are the top five. We are proud to say that our members come from some of the finest research institutions in the world!








1 Harvard University 1068 30 316 370 113 239
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 775 29 362 231 32 121
3 Indiana University 494 2 258 36 101 97
4 Stanford University 399 14 206 101 25 53
5 University of California, Berkeley 396 34 223 77 26 36

Rounding out the top 15:  U. Washington, Yale, U.T. Austin, UCSF, Ohio State, Rice, UCLA, Northwestern, Michigan State and U. Michigan

Recap from WebInno 23

Epernicus CEO Eric Silberstein gave a demo of Epernicus to a crowd of more than 800 attendees as one of three “Main Dish” presenters selected for last week’s Web Innovators Group meeting in Cambridge, MA.  The response in the main hall was very positive, and after the demo we were able to connect with dozens of attendees one-on-one in the “Side Dish” room.  Eric, I and Mikhail Shapiro (pictured in photo) represented Epernicus.

Thanks to the organizers for a great event!

posted by Ezra Freedman, CTO

Epernicus at WebInno23

Epernicus to present at Webinno23!


We’re pleased to announce that Epernicus was recently selected to present at WebInno23 at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge, MA.  The event takes place on Tuesday, September 29th at 7PM, where Epernicus CEO Eric Silberstein will be demoing Epernicus to a crowd of more than 800 attendees as one of three “Main Dish” companies.

Register online (attendance is free) at

Both Eric and I will be at the event — if you’re in the Boston area and can make it, come find us!

posted by Ezra Freedman, CTO

Niche Social Netwoks — PC Magazine

Epernicus was recently featured on a list of “10 Cool Niche Social Networks” by PC Magazine. While I’m not sure how I feel about us making the same list as MuggleSpace (a network for people who love Harry Potter), I do believe there is significant value to social/professional networking platforms that do a really great job of addressing the needs of a certain group of people. One of our core tenets has been that researchers are a unique bunch (with concepts like one’s scientific genealogy being a strong part of our culture, for example) whose needs can only be addressed via a networking platform that understands the way science works.

Other specialized networks mentioned on the PC magazine list would include Shelfari for book collectors and Bottletalk for wine aficionados. Members of both of these networks have very specialized knowledge across a number of categories.

By the way, given the popularity of Harry Potter, I wouldn’t be surprised if MuggleSpace were the most popular site on this list ;).

posted by Mikhail Shapiro, Co-founder

Epernicus as a new quantum state

Somewhere in physics heaven Erwin Schrödinger must be having a laugh. The following T-shirt design by Jonathan Littleton of Purdue University (thank you Jonathan for sharing it with us!) claims to solve the issue of the superposition of two mutually exlusive quantum states: academic and social.