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Recap from WebInno 23

Epernicus CEO Eric Silberstein gave a demo of Epernicus to a crowd of more than 800 attendees as one of three “Main Dish” presenters selected for last week’s Web Innovators Group meeting in Cambridge, MA.  The response in the main hall was very positive, and after the demo we were able to connect with dozens of attendees one-on-one in the “Side Dish” room.  Eric, I and Mikhail Shapiro (pictured in photo) represented Epernicus.

Thanks to the organizers for a great event!

posted by Ezra Freedman, CTO

Epernicus at WebInno23


Epernicus to present at Webinno23!


We’re pleased to announce that Epernicus was recently selected to present at WebInno23 at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge, MA.  The event takes place on Tuesday, September 29th at 7PM, where Epernicus CEO Eric Silberstein will be demoing Epernicus to a crowd of more than 800 attendees as one of three “Main Dish” companies.

Register online (attendance is free) at

Both Eric and I will be at the event — if you’re in the Boston area and can make it, come find us!

posted by Ezra Freedman, CTO

Searching BenchQs

One of the features we’ve most often been asked about via the Epernicus feedback form is the capability to search BenchQ threads.  While this functionality was not prioritized for early releases of Epernicus, we quietly introduced this feature last month.  We’re now indexing all BenchQ questions (and corresponding replies), and return results only for those questions which you are permitted to view.

Click here to try a BenchQ search for “PCR” and learn from the collective knowledge on Epernicus.

Thanks for your continued feedback, and for helping us to make a better Epernicus.

posted by Ezra Freedman, CTO

New BenchQ features

We recently launched some new BenchQ features we hope will make your experience using BenchQ more productive and enjoyable.  The genesis of these features is user feedback — please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

You are now able to flag BenchQ threads.  Flagging a BenchQ thread will ensure it stays in your list of BenchQ’s, and will make it visually distinctive in the list (a red flag icon will appear next to the subject).  You will also have the option of having replies to that BenchQ thread emailed to you (this feature can be turned on or off via the “Email Preferences” pane) and of displaying only flagged BenchQ’s (by selecting the “Flagged” option in the new “Show” filter).

Marking multiple BenchQ threads as read
You are now able to mark multiple BenchQ threads as read.  Select the checkbox next to the BenchQ threads you’d like to mark, and then click the green “Mark selected as read” icon.  (This, combined with the “Select All” option, allows you to reset your unread BenchQ count)

General interface improvements
The BenchQ interface has been enlarged a bit and you can now scroll through the list of BenchQ’s even while the detail pane is open (previously you needed to close the detail pane to scroll through the list).

Get your custom public profile web address

When we first launched public profiles on Epernicus, we looked to implement a simple and egalitarian system for deciding on a user’s public profile web address.  I thought back to my first university network account username — your initials followed by a number!  Simple, right?  Limited typing!  Fair!

Well, the feedback has been clear…  While some of you appreciate the simplicity of the current scheme, others want some freedom of expression. In response, we’ve added the option of specifying a custom public profile web address.  This will work *in addition to* your originally assigned address, so no need to update old references.

Visit to reserve your first pick today!

Oh, and my new profile address —