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New Site

We admit it…we’re not the best bloggers…but 9 months since our last posting is is bad even for us!  We’re posting today to highlight a few additions and changes we just made to our public site (

#1 – When you visit you’ll see three boxes linking to each of the three parts of our company — our public Epernicus Network, our Epernicus Solutions business, and Epernicus Clinical Research Systems.  (If you want to go directly to the “old” login page for Epernicus Network go to

#2 – For the first time we’ve put some publicly accessible information up about our Clinical Research Systems business and product (

#3 – We posted a case study with one of our Epernicus Clinical Research Systems customers:


2009 Epernicus EPAC meeting

It was great seeing our customers and other thought leaders at our executive product advisory council meeting this week in Boston.  It was pretty incredible having so many people from top pharma and science organizations in one room talking about social media and really digging into the benefits and challenges.  Just finished going through the feedback forms — feedback has been very positive and and the most common suggestion was that we make the meeting longer next time.  Special thanks to GSK, Genzyme and the Broad Institute for your great case studies.  A few photos from the event:

posted by Cameron Snider, VP Business Development

Epernicus in the News

Nice article on Epernicus in Mass High Tech on Friday!


Mikhail Defends

Mikhail (Epernicus co-founder) gave a fascinating and very well-attended talk today on genetically engineered sensors for non-invasive brain imaging for his thesis defense.  Now we’ll get his brain back on Epernicus!

Mikhail Thesis Defnese