New BenchQ features

We recently launched some new BenchQ features we hope will make your experience using BenchQ more productive and enjoyable.  The genesis of these features is user feedback — please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

You are now able to flag BenchQ threads.  Flagging a BenchQ thread will ensure it stays in your list of BenchQ’s, and will make it visually distinctive in the list (a red flag icon will appear next to the subject).  You will also have the option of having replies to that BenchQ thread emailed to you (this feature can be turned on or off via the “Email Preferences” pane) and of displaying only flagged BenchQ’s (by selecting the “Flagged” option in the new “Show” filter).

Marking multiple BenchQ threads as read
You are now able to mark multiple BenchQ threads as read.  Select the checkbox next to the BenchQ threads you’d like to mark, and then click the green “Mark selected as read” icon.  (This, combined with the “Select All” option, allows you to reset your unread BenchQ count)

General interface improvements
The BenchQ interface has been enlarged a bit and you can now scroll through the list of BenchQ’s even while the detail pane is open (previously you needed to close the detail pane to scroll through the list).


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